Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome Home Ella Elizabeth!

Introducing sweet and beautiful Ella Elizabeth....
Daughter to my equally sweet and gorgeous cousin Katie and her husband James.

1 week old and she already has her daddy wrapped tightly around her little fingers.

Not that you can blame him.   This sweet little beauty was awake for our whole session and really knew how to work the camera too.  By the end of our shoot, I was wrapped around those tiny fingers too.
The one thing that really blew me away during our shoot though, was how natural motherhood is for my cousin. I remember with my oldest daughter, second guessing and worrying about everything. Not Katie though. She is clearly loving being a momma and is so comfratable in her new role, that I was in awe and a little jealous that she makes it look so easy. After 10 and a half years, most days I'm still not sure what I am doing and just pray that I am doing everything right.

James and Katie have had years of practice though with their 1st baby, Molly. Molly still wasnt' sure what was going on, but is already loving her new role of big sister/protector to Ella.

Thank you James, Katie, and Ella for letting me the one to take your first pictures together as a family of 3. Enjoy these newborn days with sweet Ella. They go by way too quickly. Lucky for you, you have a cousin who will be there with her camera whenever you ask. :)

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