Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Keene/Walker Family

Have I mentioned my love affair with facebook? I love reconnecting with old friends from high school, seeing who they are now and meeting their families.  courtney is one of those old friends that I am thankful to Facebook for. Over the years we have caught up, watched our families grow through the pictures that are shared and finally, last week we met up for a fun photo shoot in the park.  courtney brought her adorable family along and it was so great to meet them and see her in the Mom role now.

Mother to sweet and funny Kristin....
And adorable, almost 1 year old Eliott.....
Who was having a lot of fun with daddy during our shoot too.
Dads always know how to get the good smiles:)
Mom's are always around though when you need a hug or a cuddle.
Thanks Scott and courtney for meeting up with me again and letting me be a part of your family's memories. I hope you cherish these photographs forever. Hopefully another 12 years won't go by before we meet up again.

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