Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Previews

This weekend was my last weekend for full shoots this year. I am having a hard time believing that Xmas shoots start next weekend and then I am done for the remainder of the year! Is anyone else in a state of shock over how fast this year has flown by? 

I had 2 of the best sessions this past weekend though to end on.  First up, another one of my fun and gorgeous seniors-carly. Seriously, how gorgeous is she? I'm torn on the regular and the black and white. I love them both!

And my very last family session was with my friend Angie and her stunner of a family. Not only are all 5 of them gorgeous, we found the most gorgeous hazy light at the end of our session.  All of my favorite shots are from there, I wish we had found this spot sooner. I am going to post the family ones later on my blog, but I have to share this one first. I LOVE IT! It's so hard to get mom and dad to take pictures of just them during family shoots, but when they do, and you are able to catch them being Husband and Wife vs Mom and makes for a beautiful picture!

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