Sunday, May 8, 2011

Skate Shoot

While blog stalking over at crave photography's website, I saw a photo shoot I couldn't wait to try out! But having no boys myself, I called up my best friend and sweet talked her with the promise of wine and dinner if she let me borrow hers for a bit. I was a little worried that 9 year old Riley wouldn't be interested in being my model for the day, but boy was I wrong. He loved it! And, it's not hard to see why the camera loved him too. Look at this future heart breaker!
He was so excited about our shoot, he wanted to leave his little brother at home. But having serious big brother idol worship towards Riley, Gavin followed along too. He had fun showing off his modeling skills too.
I really dont' know who enjoyed this shoot more, me or the boys. It was such a fun shoot; something so different from what I normally do. I can't wait to borrow these boys again. I have a few more great ideas up my sleeve :)

One more before I go. Because every bad boy rebel has a partner in crime and these two have been friends since birth & are clearly too cool for school.....

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