Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Swanson Family

Sat. morning 2 of my shoots were rained out before I even hit the snooze button. I was really worried that my 3rd and final shoot of the day would be cancelled as well.  Thankfully, the sun popped out just long enough to grab my boots, my camera and slosh my way through the puddles to meet up with the Swanson family.  Meet my gorgeous friend Adrienne!

Momma to (almost) 4 year old AJ

And sweet and sassy 2 year old Sydney

And of course loving wife to John :)

This shoot couldn't have been more perfect! No rain, warm temperatures, happy kids, lots of flowers to pick

And did I forget to mention adoring grandparents??

Thank you Swanson family for braving the mud puddles for me! I had so much fun on this shoot and I hope you guys did too.

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